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Fix & Flip Financing

Who We Are

North American Financial Services is a private commercial lender and structured finance company that offers Fix & Flip financing to borrowers directly and through a network of finance professionals. We feature a variety of commercial loan programs to accommodate beginners to the most experienced. With loans limits ranging from $100,000 to $10 million plus.

Our Philosophy

Unlike many other companies, we are purely focused on the commercial finance niche and recognize the difficulty brokers and borrowers experience financing their fix & flip transactions in the current market. Our company implements a tiered approach to financing by utilizing our own access to capital, as well as that of others, to provide our clients with the best options possible. Our premium customer service and attention to detail makes the commercial loan process simple for borrowers as well as commercial finance professionals.

Our Objective

While other lenders are turning down most fix & flip transactions today, our comprehensive approach enables us to offer loans for more borrowers and on more transaction types. In addition to being able to finance hard to place transactions, we offer loan programs for investors, owners, or companies seeking financing on strong, superior credit grade transactions.

Program Highlights
  • Up to 90.0% LTV
  • Zero % Down Programs
  • Loans From $100K to $10M+Credit Check on Fix & Flip Loans
  • Investor & Owner Occupied Loans
  • Investors and Owners Un-Occupied Loans
  • No Exorbitant Upfront Deposits
  • Fast Approvals
  • Rates from 4.20% to 6.75%
  • Purchase, Construction, & Cash-Out
  • Most Fix & Flip Properties Considered
  • Nationwide Programs
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